The Office of Academics is committed to educating all students and staff reach their highest potential. In order to ensure that our students and staff reach their highest potential we work in collaboration with the Office of School Performance & Accountability with a deliberate focus on creating the following in all schools:
  • A focused and authentic Professional Learning Communities (PLC) process to support our teachers and other educational professionals
  • Excellent Tier 1 instruction with an embedded high quality Response to Interventions (RtI) Process
  • Optimized and dynamic Internal & External Relationships to provide applied and experiential extensions learning, ensure efficeint utilization of resources, and enable new learning for all members of the community to improve our practices
  • Scaling Up Beyond Expected Student Targets (BEST) Practices to make equity and excellence systemic outcomes
  • To accomplish these goals the Office of Acadmeics provides staff with a K-12 Educator Toolkit.
Within the Office of Academics there are five Divisions as follows:
  • Student Support Initiatives: Ensuring students are present, healthy, and focused on learning
  • Learning: Ensuring that high quality curriculum, pedagagy, and instructional resources
  • Early Learning & Language Acquistion: Educating the whole child and ensuring early independent readers
  • Exceptional Student Education & Support: Adapting instruction to the needs of each learner
  • Teacher Support & Development: Ensuring teachers receive feedback on student learning, professional development in content & pedagogy, and are engaged to support adult learning
These Divisions collaborate to ensure that BCPS provides services, resources, and opportunities to educate today’s students and staff to succeed in tomorrow’s world.  The Office of Academics will continue to implement very high standards for the 2016-2017 school year.  In alignment with the BCPS 2016-19 Strategic Plan the areas of focus to support High Quality Instructin will be early literacy, relevant and challenging middle grades learning, and raising college & career preparation levels for ALL students.