Preschool Services

ESE Preschool Services provides diagnostic evaluations, placement options, as well as instructional and behavioral support to preschool age children and their families. The central function of our ESE Preschool Services staff is to provide appropriate early intervention in a timely fashion thus ensuring our ESE Preschool children are able to meet with individual success in an educational and developmental setting.


  • Screening, evaluating, and staffing of preschool age children into appropriate early intervention programs.
  • Developing IEPs for all preschool students.
  • Provide curriculum and behavioral support to schools, staff, students and parents for ESE Preschool students.
  • Work collaboratively with school based preschool staff and contracted agency personnel to ensure effective instruction in all educational environments.
  • Establish and maintain a clear and informative process with parents/families of preschool children to ensure students educational and developmental needs are met.
  • Monitor cluster and agency program placements and student numbers.
  • Maintain continuous communication with Agency leadership personnel ensuring all needs are being met.
  • Provide on site training to preschool personnel in child development and classroom operations.
  • Establish and maintain effective partnerships with outside agencies to ensure parents, students and school based staff are receiving appropriate support (CARD, 211 Broward, Henderson, etc.).

Contact information:

Donna McCann

phone: 754.321.7213