Resolution Office (Dispute Resolution, Local Resolution, Due Process)

The Resolution Office supports students, families, community members and schools to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities in Broward County. In drafting the provisions of IDEA, our nation’s special education law, Congress clearly contemplated that, at times, there would be disagreements between parents of children with disabilities and the school districts providing special education and related services to their children.

While it is expected that parents and school personnel will work in partnership to ensure children with disabilities are provided appropriate services, there are times when the child’s parents and school officials cannot reach consensus on what constitutes a free appropriate public education (FAPE) for an individual child. When such disagreements occur, parents and school districts can turn to IDEA’s procedural safeguards and dispute resolution options.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) mandates that States and Districts make available formal processes for families of children with disabilities age 3 through 21 and public schools to resolve special education-related disputes. The District is required to provide families with a variety of dispute resolution options to resolve possible violations of IDEA. The Resolution Office handles all parent calls, complaints and concerns including but not limited to requests for Independent Educational Evaluations, Local Conflict Resolutions, Due Process Hearings, State Complaints, and State Mediations.

Compliance Services

In order to minimize disputes between parents and schools and to ensure that Federal (IDEA), State (State Board Rules) and Local (School Board Policies) Laws, Rules and Policies are followed, the ESE/SS Division of the Broward County School Board provides supports to families and schools in maintaining compliance. Local Policies and Procedures are reviewed and updated regularly in order to ensure compliance with all Federal, State and Local Laws, Rules and Policies.

To assist with monitoring and training, there are Compliance Program Specialists and ESE Specialist Field Coaches whose job primary responsibilities are to provide support to schools and families for Students with Disabilities in Broward County and train school-based staff in compliance in the Federal, State and Local legislation, rules, policies and procedures. These individuals are assigned to every school in the District.

Contact the Resolution Office at (754) 321-3410

Felicia Starke, Due Process Coordinator
Diana Cruz, Due Process Coordinator

Compliance Program Specialists

Judy Barcel
Opal Bennett
Sarah Samuels
Nancy Sirkus

ESE Specialist Field Coaches

Julie Goodman
Stacy Milrot
Nicole Sawicki
Janet Uccello

ESE Specialist Transportation

Maria Jewell

Support Staff

Monica Jenkins
Eileen Schroth