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Head Start/Early Head Start Services and Support

All Head Start/Early Head Start students receive an array of comprehensive services while in the program. Early Childhood and Health Services includes health and development services, education and early childhood development, health and safety, mental health, and nutrition. Dental services are provided that include free screening and follow-up care as needed by the Broward County Department of Health. In addition, other screenings include vision, hearing, and nutrition with follow-up by the nurses to meet any concerns identified by the screenings.

A child with disabilities can often learn more readily in a group with typically developing children rather than in a separate group for children with disabilities. Head Start has successfully carried out a 1972 Congressional mandate requiring that at least 10 percent of its enrollment be available for children with disabilities. The children and their families receive a full range of Head Start developmental services. In addition, Head Start staff members work closely with community agencies to provide services to meet the special needs of all children.

Family and Community Partnerships focus on parent engagement, including male involvement activities, family support services, case management, transition services, and partnerships with community agencies.

Program Design and Management responsibilities include Program Governance, Policy Council, Parent Committees, Management Systems and Procedures, Human Resource Management, Facilities, Materials and Equipment.

Nutritious meals are provided, that include breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Nutrition educational activities are included in the classroom.

Onsite Support

Head Start on-site support services, professional development, and technical assistance are provided by multi-disciplinary teams consisting of 5 Teacher Specialists, 5 Social Workers and 40 Parent Educators. The social workers and parent educators assist families with meeting social service needs and providing classroom support. The Teacher Specialists provide data-driven, practice-based coaching to the teachers. In addition, three bus drivers and four clerical support the program.

Early Head Start on-site support staff consists of one Teacher specialist, one Social Worker, and 4 Parent Educators. The HS/EHS Specialist provides additional support to the program.

A Nurse, Disabilities Specialist, Curriculum Supervisor, and Family Services Supervisor support the teams. The Program Director manages the overall implementation of the Head Start/Early Head Start Program.